Once Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits him outside the castle, which can be questioned off where the almost every other Fairy End Members in which

While the duo let by themselves yourself, Natsu actually starts to tell her throughout the their escapades, cheerful and blushing at the common perception

Sitting from the your local retail complex, she told me brand new updates out of Fairy Tail that generated Natsu and Happier very disheartened. [7] On the his temper, Natsu miracle just what Makarov has been doing, but Lucy claims that he is shed. Merely following, she including berates Natsu getting randomly leaving the new guild in the place of discussing they having some body basic. However, Lucy apologizes whenever Natsu is actually kept speechless, stating that they need to out of got much on their thoughts also. [8]

Lucy desired both on her behalf new house, one another becoming amazed observe such as for example large place as opposed to the previous home, and you will made a decision to permit them to remain, understanding the both do not have an area. In the evening, Natsu and you may Delighted awaken. Annoyed, it intend to enter Lucy’s room and you will color for her deal with, however, already been one on one to your map Lucy could have been doing to keep track of the Fairy Tail members. The guy understood Lucy might have been keeping track of this new fellow guild members, and you can briefly stares on her. [9]

Overnight, Lucy awakens and try shocked through to viewing and you may reading this new armed forces at the girl house. Ahead of she will concern this, Natsu and you can Delighted are available, questioning whether they have become stuck currently. Baffled, Lucy talks about the 2 and you may asks what they do have complete, however, Natsu just holds the girl and leaps from the screen, detailing he has raised the beacon getting Fairy Tail’s revival. [10]

Natsu, Lucy and you can Happier finds Tuli Village, away from Fiore limits. Natsu sees the new fixed tower he forgotten previously, and decides to split they again however, was stopped by Lucy. Upset, Natsu discrete a fit that he would like to let loose, having he purposed their studies getting defeating Grey additionally the most other strong lackeys. Then he discusses Lucy, datingranking.net/bookofsex-review/ wanting to engage a fight while the she actually is truly the only selection leftover. Considered say zero, Lucy shows she actually teaches herself covertly, prior to they may engage by themselves in order to a fight, Natsu believed some thing. Between Lucy’s foot, Natsu fired away Fire Dragon’s Roar, and that section blanc he take to new thieves partners yards aside from them. But this really is unbeknownst to Lucy, whom consider Natsu try kidding to. [11]

Immediately after launching their, the guy informs the woman that they’ll restore Fairy End, best Lucy so you’re able to rips given that she comes after about, on the army chasing after her or him

To the a space to the KoToKo Inn, the 3 chatted about the whereabouts of their fellow guild professionals. Lucy felt like they want to wade within ia Scale’s Guild is in there. Natsu cheerfully assented, into the view of fighting Lyon and you may Jura. Lucy wound-up new talk, asking Natsu so you’re able to guess whom else is in the said guild. Arrived at the metropolis, the 3 watches the newest Lamia Scale’s Thanksgiving Day affair. Contacting the very last performancers, Chelia and you will Wendy, went out the fresh new stage and you may sings, and dances. Natsu and Happier remaining a state of wonder, perhaps not believing Wendy was with the articles, in order to such as, Lucy explains what happened on Wendy. Happy observes Carla is actually no place. New going no place people greets her or him behind, only to notice Carla inside her Conversion process Means. [12]

Natsu, Lucy and you will Happier visits Wendy regarding the Lamia Size Guild. Lucy position Wendy that they’re bringing back new guild, and exchanges details about Makarov’s disappearance additionally the Newly Shaped Secret Council. Natsu insisted to help you cannot mind the existing people’s whereabouts, when he stumbled on the guild getting Wendy, although, she eventually constructed the lady mind, refusing to go with her or him and only stand. Ahead of she could define as to the reasons, Carla gets in the view and you may tells the three to avoid pressuring Wendy. Carla requires in the event that’s the choice out of the woman, and you may Wendy rapidly nodded, you to definitely produced the 3 disbelief. [13]

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